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Wildside Activity Centre,
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Money raised through the Health Lottery
The Health Lottery scheme manages 51 Society Lotteries that operate in rotation and each represents a different geographical region of Great Britain.

Projects funded using money raised by healthDesire

Total amount distributed to charities to date is: £1,429,924

Active Communities is a funding programme which invests in local people and groups in communities with great ideas to make their communities even better.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
St Martin’s Church Bradley Wolverhampton £17,900 This new two-year project builds on existing work to develop a club providing computer training and one-to-one IT support to older people in Bradley, Bilston. The idea develops from local retired people seeking digital support from an existing job club. The training will build the skills of members of the local community to become computer mentors for others.
Sunshine Corner Wolverhampton £11,800 This existing two-year project aims to continue running its carer and toddler playgroup. In addition, it seeks to employ an experienced sessional play worker to provide support to the parents/carers, with the aim of reducing the disadvantage experienced by local children. It will support children to socialise in larger groups and aims to model best practice in creative play.
Walsall Bangladeshi Progressive Society Walsall £31,040 This existing two-year project builds on the activities of a Bengali Women’s Group which has been running for the past two years in Pleck, Walsall. It aims to provide the opportunity for local Bengali women to create stronger connections through exploring new social, cultural and economic activities. A group of local Bengali women have become constituted through the previous project and will be among the women supported to develop skills through exchanging skills with each other and through training. The experience will increase the confidence and knowledge of the women, who may choose to go on and apply for jobs or develop social enterprise ideas if they wish.
Sandwell African Women Association Sandwell £27,313 The Befriending Coffee Club is a new one-year project to deliver classes for women on how to use the internet followed by time to socialise. The participants are African women aged 50+ who are refugees and asylum seekers from French speaking countries, living in Sandwell. The project will run a drop-in centre and internet training sessions to support beneficiaries to access main stream services on-line and to use social networks. The project, based in Sandwell in the West Midlands, will support the participants to create a supportive network and to shape the project.
Bilston People’s Centre Wolverhampton £20,188 This one-year project will expand an existing lunch club for older people in Bilston, Wolverhampton to develop more social activities including coffee mornings, arts and crafts and a singing group. The club was established to address the social isolation experienced by older residents and the new project develops from participants request for a greater variety of activities alongside the luncheon. The club will be run by older people for older people, and will establish a steering group to lead the project.
Aaina Community Hub Caldmore & Whitehall £28,190 A new two year project to provide opportunities for local women (Black and Minority Ethnic and newly arrived) to come together to plan and coordinate events for the local neighbourhood in order to improve community cohesion and reduce isolation, anti-social behaviour and tension between different communities in Walsall. The project intends to create a shared platform to enable local women to come together and develop a cohesive approach to local issues. 
Apni Zaroorat Community Network Stourbridge £39,914 This two year project builds on work already delivered by the organisation but will link with another local women's group called Ekta to increase the spread of the project. The project aims to develop two local Listening Circles in Lye and St James to establish local needs and then deliver activities which address them and bring the groups together. 
Friends of Yew Tree and Tamebridge Walsall £37,921 This two-year project will build on existing projects and will develop new ones. It will deliver social and educational activities to residents on the Yew Tree Estate, Walsall such as arts and crafts, dance, cookery, and IT. The project aims to redress the negative perception residents have about the Estate and make it a place people will be proud to live in and call home. The project will deliver general community and neighbourhood work and aims to address issues of age and social or emotional isolation. 
Ileys Community Association Smethwick £17,820 This new sixteen month project aims to promote the integration of the Somalian community in the Soho and Victoria wards in Smethwick in the West Midlands. The project provides three weekly activities: healthy cooking; Zumba dance; and computer skills classes. 
Kids in Communication Wolverhampton and Walsall £39,308 This two-year project is the continuation of an existing pilot scheme. It is a digital youth club which will use a range of innovative activities to engage young people. The young people being targeted are from all cultural backgrounds and are at risk of abuse, bullying, poverty, poor family relationships, depression and grief from areas in Wolverhampton and Walsall. 
Dudley Al Karim Foundation Dudley £22,600 This new one-year project aims to enable local people in Dudley to learn about other cultures and faiths, form new lasting relationships, and become active empowered citizens through engaging in culturally-sensitive activities and workshops. All activities will include the cross-cultural custom of ‘breaking bread’ and sharing meals where participants can also have discussions on community life issues. 
Sandwell African Caribbean Mental Health Foundation Sandwell £19,959 This new two-year project aims to deliver information, advice, signposting and wellbeing support (both one-to-one and group based) to carers of people with mental ill-health in the densely populated metropolitan borough of Sandwell, who are from a Black African/Caribbean background. 
Brushstrokes Smethwick £32,868 This one-year project is an extension of an existing community café which was established in 2013. The project aims to empower residents in the area including newcomers (asylum seekers, refugees and migrants) to become more involved in running the café and to become café street champions. 
Wildside Activity Centre Whitmore Reans £25,534 This new 18 month project aims to increase the take-up of the applicant’s facilities and services by residents of Whitmore Reans through outreach work and specifically designed activities. It is hoped that the project will give people confidence to get outdoors, enjoy the peace, wildlife and exercise on offer. 
African French Speaking Community Support (AFSCS) Smethwick £48,699 This is a new 20 month project which has been developed through recent focus group activity. Based in Smethwick, the project will deliver twice weekly sewing sessions for women, and a twice weekly luncheon club for vulnerable adults. 
Aspiring Futures CIC Wolverhampton £46,584 This new two year project will deliver regular weekly activities such as arts and fitness sessions, to isolated and marginalised older women from ethnic minority and Muslim communities.   
Blackheath Live at Home Blackheath £22,090 This new two year project will provide weekly social and interactive activities for older people in the Blackheath area of Sandwell.  
Multi Media Arts Project Ltd Walsall £45,847 This new two year project aims to use weekly sessional activities centred on the arts, music and cooking to address the social isolation experienced by local residents who live with acute mental health issues, depression, family breakdown, bereavement and similar challenges.
Skills Work and Enterprise Development Agency (SWEDA) West Bromwich £30,673 This new 18 month pilot project aims to develop and enable volunteer peer mentors in the central area of West Bromwich to run and manage a weekly skills and IT job club.  
Smethwick Church Action Network Smethwick £26,094 This new two year project builds on existing work and seeks to create four different types of hubs that bring local people together across generations and ethnic and religious backgrounds. The Hubs will focus on skill sharing, building new connections, volunteering and establishing community enterprises. 
Wednesbury Celebrates Community Association Wednesbury £34,400 This new two year project will offer a weekly luncheon club alongside activities and information sessions, and a telephone call-up service for isolated older people.  
SEWA Centre Ltd Wolverhampton £34,724 This new two year project aims to set up a healthy living club for isolated and lonely elderly Asian women living within All Saints in Wolverhampton. It will offer two activities per week including yoga, healthy living talks, exercise, healthy cooking, befriending, and some trips to help these women get into the community and engage in activities which will improve the quality of their lives.
Woodside Community Association  Gainsborough £37,712 This new two year project will train 20 volunteers to be mentors to support 120 survivors of domestic abuse from the Park Springs area of Gainsborough. The project will also provide a range of life-skill courses which the survivors accessed. The project will benefit 620 people, this figure includes families. The project aims to tackle issues around abuse, social/emotional isolation, and mental ill health.
5 Star Community Association  Wednesbury £27,440 The project will run three hour, weekly activity sessions for over 60 young people aged 6 to 16 from the Wednesdbury area. Sessions will include dance, singing, team building, sport, games and acting.
Bangladesh Islamic Association Smethwick Smethwick £26,800 To establish a Bengali women’s group which would eventually be run by the women themselves. The group will set up small enterprises to become self-sufficient.
Bangladeshi Women's Association Tipton £16,364 To deliver two sessions per week of activities such as arts and crafts, cookery and gardening for isolated women living in the vicinity of the Muslim Community Centre in Tipton.
Walsall Banglashi Progressive Society Walsall  £26,800 To establish a self-help group for Bengali women. Over the duration of the project the women will be trained to: organise themselves as a group; develop skills to set up micro enterprises and set up study visits. The aim is for the new group to be wholly owned by local women and sustained in the future without outside assistance.
Al-Nisaa West Bromwich £10,051 To deliver weekly cooking and taster demonstrations and organise two family outings, for 40 women of different ethnic and social backgrounds in the Greets Green area of West Bromwich.
Centre Spot CIC Wednesbury  £43,870 To deliver weekly football and dance sessions for young people aged 14-18 in the Friar Park estate in Wednesbury.
Yew Tree & Tame Bridge Community Centre Association Yew Tree & Tame  £8,688 To deliver 96 sessions of community based activities including friendship and parent and toddler groups (48 sessions of each), and 12 monthly youth forums.
African French Speaking Support Smethwick  £15,088 The project will hold weekly Zumba dance sessions for isolated families, older people and disadvantaged members of Smethwick.
Chesta Asian Womens Group Wolverhampton £10,000  The funding will support weekly sessions based upon healthy cooking, music and traditional dance to tackle stress and depression faced by older Asian women in the community.
The Friendship Club Wolverhampton £24,351 The project will train volunteers to become ‘befrienders’ for social isolated elderly people to support them to live independently and encourage community participation.
The Sunshine Corner Wolverhampton £7,798 The money will support an outside play area for parent and toddlers to develop skills and confidence as part of a lasting legacy. 
Wolverhampton Sickle Cell Care Wolverhampton £24,950 The cash boost will provide mentoring, ICT skills and job search training for users to improve their skills, confidence and employability.
Wolverhampton Community Radio Training Wolverhampton


The funding will provide workshops for vulnerable women at the WCR FM Newhampton Centre to increase the skills and confidence of women who have experienced domestic violence.

Set up to address smaller and individual health and wellbeing issues that affect communities within our region, where getting the detail right really matters.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Sandwell Asian Development Centre Sandwell £7,825 The funding will enable Sandwell Asian Development Association to run a boxercise programme for people from the Asian community aged between 15-50 years of age who are not currently involved in exercise.
Complete Kidz CIC Sandwell £7,382 Provide exercise classes to parents living in Smethwick, while their children are offered fun sports activities at the same time, such as dance, archery and rocket ball.
Outside Centre   £10,000 Deliver weekly workshops for people with disabilities who are classified as obese.  The workshops will include an hours gym session and an hours advice and support session and the project will also include monthly workshops covering topics such as diet, motivation etc.

Larger good causes partners who can have the greatest and most immediate impact. These initiatives are not supported by NHS funding.

Organisation nameTown/CityAmountPurpose
Sustrans   £112,000 The project will bring people together, reduce social isolation and help people feel safer.
Mind   £50,234  Support activities for disabled people and families of disabled children, who experience significant barriers to inclusion, independence and participation.
Youth Sport Trust   £43,760 Support sports in schools and ensure health education is embedded into club activities and act as a catalyst to promote the wider health agenda in schools.
Mencap   £33,131 Extend the Gateway Club network and Gateway Awards programme, and help to improve the health, well-being and social inclusion of young adults.
Scope   £44,190 Scope's Face 2 Face project supports parents of disabled children at the time of diagnosis, including the pre-diagnosis stage, by providing empathetic, non-judgemental and practical support delivered by professionally trained volunteer parent befrienders, themselves parents of disabled children.
Youth Sport Trust   £40,579 Support sports in schools and ensure health education is embedded into club activities and act as a catalyst to promote the wider health agenda in schools.
Children's Food Trust   £44,069 Provide cooking clubs as a practical, fun and hands-on approach to helping people learn and understand how to eat and live a healthy lifestyle.
Mencap   £31,030 Extend the Gateway Club network and Gateway Awards programme, and help to improve the health, well-being and social inclusion of young adults.
The Conservation Volunteers   £27,932 Offer outdoor physical activity and participation in community-based environmental projects as part of an active group taking part in outdoor tasks.
Alzheimer’s Society   £18,943 Provide a full-time dementia support worker who will assess the needs of people affected by dementia and help them maintain their independence and sense of well-being.
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